Camping in National Parks (html example)

Camping in National Parks
Your Task….
Your family is planning a camping trip to a National Park in the next school holidays.
Your task is to decide which park to visit, based on the following criteria (as discussed in class):
Camping Criteria
  • Research three National Parks and rank them in order of preference (based on the above criteria);
  • Record your research discoveries;
  • Discuss your research;
  • Contribute to the class knowledge base;
  • Present your findings in a slide show
NSW national Parks NSW National Parks
Northern NSW National parks Northern NSW National Parks
Shoalhaven National Parks Shoalhaven National Parks
Paper notes Record your notes on paper as you explore (print pdf)
Google Doc Record your notes online as you discover (Google Docs)
Evernote Record your notes online as you learn (Evernote)
Forms Design a survey form to collect information (Forms)
Share, Discuss….
Discussion Forum Year 5 Discussion Forum (Edmodo)
Wiki Contribute to our class knowledge base (Wiki)
Google Drive Contribute to a shared class document (Google Docs)
Google Presentation Create a Google presentation
Prezi Create a Prezi slideshow